Monthly FEATURED Puzzles


Christmas puzzles, Gingerbread House kit, and magnetic Advent Tree are all 10% off in December! Puzzles range from 100 pieces to 1,000 pieces.  Perfect to enjoy during the holidays with your family, or as a thoughtful gift!

Additional items will be on sale.  Look for signs in the store, or please ask us to point out the special deals this month.  

World's Most Difficult Puzzles

World's Most Difficult Puzzles 10% off in December! Are you, or a friend a puzzle pro? Want a challenge that will stump the best puzzlers? Well we found it! The World's Most Difficult Puzzle is a double sided puzzle with the same image on front and back. To make it even more challenging the back image is the exact same as the front except it is turned 90 degrees. AND, the puzzle is cut from both sides making it impossible to tell the front from the back of each piece!  Three images to choose from.